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The Oneida County GIS Mapping system has public maps and databases that become visible or available as you zoom in or out.  If you are trying to access a map and you get the message ‘Retrieving Data’ yet nothing displays, make sure your Internet settings allow for ‘pop ups’.


The parcel layer is currently under construction, and only those parcels completed as of the previous years tax roll can be displayed.  This mapping application represents a sketch of the parcels listed on the Oneida County tax roll and is intended to aid in the tracking of such parcels.  The parcels represented here were mapped from available public records at the time of there creation and may not represent the current parcel location or dimensions of the parcel as it now exists on the ground.  


Only building points that are connected to physical addresses can be displayed using the address layer.  If you are viewing different layers, it is important that only the appropriate polygon layers are checked visible.


Be sure to check Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 11


Survey maps in pdf format are available at http://oneida.ncwrpc.info.


We are always looking to improve our site and data so please e-mail us at lio@co.oneida.wi.us with suggestions and/or corrections.


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